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Kingsley Ave. £9,200 more for the client!

This property was originally listed for £90,000 but sold for £73,500.

After a 4 week refurb this property was then put back on the market and sold on for £135,000.

WeRefurb™ v Traditional selling method

Using the traditional method of selling the property the seller lists the property and accepts the highest offer. In this case £73,500.

Using the new WeRefurb Model the seller would receive £82,700 that's £9,200 more than the traditional methods' highest offer!

The table below shows a simple breakdown of both models side by side.

WeRefurb™ Model 2016

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4 WK WeRefurb™ project - Kingsley Avenue, Hartlepool - Sold May 16

WeRefurb™ Model

Traditional Model

Property Address: Kingsley Avenue, Hartlepool

Listing Price


Listing Price


Purchase Price


Highest Offer


Sale Price


Sale Price



£ No Cost




£9,200 (20%)



Seller Receives


Seller Receives


How can we offer more £?

  • Refurb your property to showroom condition with our cash
  • We don't pay stamp duty
  • We don't have expensive holding costs & redemption penaltys
  • We bulk buy materials and store them in our warehouse to help pass savings on to our clients
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  • NO Sales Commission (you save min £1200)
  • Up to 20% Profit Share on property sale

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Dodsworth Walk - Client gets £6,500 more

Dodsworth Walk, Clavering was listed for £62,000 in the Great North Property Auction, add on the "selling fees" and the final selling price came to £68,200.

Refurbished to a high standard this property was back on the market in 4 weeks and sold for £104,000. The owner earned £6,500 more profit than the highest offer received via a traditional estate agent. WIN WIN!

10 years experience

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