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A change in circumstances can dramatically change your personal finances. You lose your job.. a leak in the roof that's gonna cost thousands... your credit card bills are piling up!

​We often speak to home owners just like you who list their property with a local agent. 

Typically, the house doesn't sell as fast as you want or generate much interest... BUT..  your mortgage payments, council tax, utility bills and credit card bills need to be paid and your debts are building​...

Typical conversation - Seller to estate agent

MR JONES       "Any offers on our property?"

ESTATE AGENT      "Unfortunately NO, you've had your house listed for 3 months now at £80,000, I know your desperate to sell but the highest bid we've had is £68,000, we've had little interest, it's just not selling."

MR JONES       "What can we do? ... if we don't sell within weeks our house will be repossessed!"

ESTATE AGENT      "We suggest you drop your price again by another 10% to try and generate more interest"

MR JONES       "We've dropped the price already, even if we accept the highest bid of £68,000, we still owe the bank 12K!

Sound familiar?

...BUT It doesnt have to be that way 

If you want a solution

You only have a certain amount of time before the lender issues you a court order.

Banks don't wait to repossess your family home -  take a positive step and click the button to start it take less than 5 minutes to complete the form.

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Are you an ostrich?

Your not the first to get into financial difficulty and you wont be the last. We have helped people just like you put these problems behind them and move forward in their lives. Some people find it hard to talk to close friends and family about this..

We completely understand.

That's why we offer a confidential service aimed at taking the pressure of you, we don't judge you, we just want to help you fix the problem.

Contact us for a friendly confidential chat. to see how we can help you.

What our customers say about us

Rift House

Our family home in Rift House, Hartlepool was valued at £90,000 but we owed over £95,000 in mortgage arrears and debt. We listed our property with an estate agent in Hartlepool but the best offer we received after 3 months was £80,000!

This amount wouldn't clear the debt​ and we would have to pay estate agents fees on top which we could not afford.

WeRefurb took over our mortgage payments within a week and cleared our mortgage arrears​ then refurbished our property and gave us back a cash sum of £2,000. We were facing bankruptcy, bad credit and about to lose our family home and in 4 weeks, 

WeRefurb helped us walk away from our property debt free, by solving our problem, and protected out credit file at the same time. The £2000 cash was an unexpected bonus that helped us make a new start!

Your Credit Rating Is Important

Your credit rating is used by lenders to determine whether or not you are a risk to lend money to.

If you want a new mobile phone,  car loan, rent a new home, apply for a credit card your credit rating will be checked... you get the picture. The answer depends on your credit rating which tells lenders if you are a risk or not. 

Defaulting on your mortgage or losing your home through repossession stains your credit rating for 6 years destroying your credit file!​

Contact us today before it's too late!

We can stop you from losing your home and prevent any further damage to your credit file. You can walk away from your debts with nothing to pay and take the next step without looking over your shoulder for the fear of debt creditors chasing you.

Do you really want to face 6 years of financial exile?

3 Steps to Stop Your Repossession



​We will speak with your mortgage company on your behalf to clear your mortgage arrears.



​We can take over your mortgage payments with immediate effect



Would you like ALL your mortgage payment to come out of your account or ours?

To stop your eviction and your property form being repossessed we need to speak with you now.

The clock is ticking..... the later you leave it the less chance you have of escaping this nightmare.

​These problems don't go away. Act now, don't let your house get repossessed and destroy your credit rating. We can help.