Rent to Buy - Explained

Want to get on the Housing Ladder but don't have a large deposit needed by banks or have previous credit issues?

If so then "Rent to Buy" could be the answer..

Rent to Buy - The Easy Low Cost Home Buyer Scheme​

Here's a simple example ...

3 Bed House:- Cost = 100,000 [fixed price for length of contract]

3% Home Buyer Fee" = 3000 [This is deducted of final house purchase price ]

Rent payment = 650 / month

Rent to Buy Contract​ = 3 years

At the end of year 3 we deduct 3000 off the final value of the property = 97000​

You then buy the house using a mortgage


Secure Your Home & Move In

Secure your new house with a 2-3% "home buyer fee", then move into your new home.

(The "home buyer fee" money is deducted from final house price).


Rent until you're Ready to Buy

You'll pay a monthly rent until you are ready to buy the house within the contract term.

It's your home so any improvements you make you benefit from the increase in value


Tell us when your ready

The house price is fixed for the length of the contract regardless of house price increases.

Just tell us when your ready to buy!

Advantages for you the buyer

  • House price is fixed for length of the contract even if the property prices increase considerably
  • You can move into your dream home as an owner as soon as the home buyer fee is paid (this is deducted of buying price)
  • Make home improvements secure in the fact the house is yours
  • A very low fee to move into the property within days of viewing it and completing the simple paperwork.
  • No credit checks

What is Rent to Buy? Quite simply it's move in now, buy later. work hard to pair sellers that are motivated to sell their house and tenants that want to buy.

Answer the following 3 questions honestly.​

1. Are you sick of paying dead rent and want to get on the housing ladder?
2. Are you finding it hard to raise a large deposit or get a mortgage?
3. Do you want your payments fixed for 5 years with ZERO raises?

Well.. if you answered "YES" to any of these, then Rent to Buy is your solution.

Each day, we're helping people like you turn their home owning dreams into reality, with our unique Rent To Buy Scheme.

Rent to Buy is an exciting new way for Home Buyers to get onto the housing ladder.

The Benefits of Rent to Buy:

  1. It is ideal if you are struggling to raise a large deposit or you are self employed and find it hard to prove your income.
  2. You only need to pay half a months rent to secure a Rent To Buy house.
  3. Your normal rent, FIXED FOR 5 YEARS, together with an affordable monthly payment builds your deposit fund.
  4. The price is fixed at today's values. You benefit from property price growth.
  5. You have up to 5 years to purchase your Rent To Buy house.
  6. Because you build a deposit each month, you could save ££Thousands compared to a traditional purchase. 

Still got questions? ... Then read our FAQ's.

A simple rent to buy example to show you how easy it is to own your own home.

And if you don't want to buy during the 5 years, you can simply sell the house on for a profit, pocket the cash and use this to climb onto the next rung of the housing ladder.

You can make money from your Rent To Buy Home without ever needing to get a mortgage!

Want to get on the housing ladder?

We'd love to help you to own your own home. We are offering our web customers first choice on all our Rent to Buy properties so make sure you fill in this simple form and we will notify you as soon as we receive a new property.